06 April 2022 |

How to Achieve Financial Freedom Through Home Ownership



  1. Challenging the systems: 3:37
  2. Living out values through Morty: 4:42
  3. From engineer to chief problem solver: 06:45
  4. The silence of silos: 09:21
  5. A marketplace with values: 13:09
  6. A value-drive vision: 23:40
  7. Not just about the loan: 27:57
  8. Tapping into the founder economy: 29:57
  9. Mentor mindset: 36:08
  10. Morty in the future: 37:36

The fintech founder at the forefront of the mortgage revolution

“Home ownership is still the most direct route to financial stability for millions of Americans and creating a platform to allow access to that is very exciting and motivating for me.” – Nora Aspel, Co-Founder of Morty

A desire to make a substantial contribution to the lives of millions of Americans, is no small ambition. But for Nora Aspel, the growing desire to make a bigger impact took her from small community projects to founding Morty, the online mortgage service that finds homebuyers the best deals, quickly. All at a lower cost than the traditional off-line mortgage experience.

And why mortgages for this CEO with an engineering background? Because at her core, Nora is a problem solver and the very real problem of inequality in home ownership across the United States is an issue worth tackling.


“ That way of thinking.The logic based analysis of problems and, and finding their solutions, is also what has made me an effective leader of the company overall, because I take that perspective and apply it to pretty much any challenge or opportunity that we have at the company today.”

How Morty is Tackling Disparity

There are several challenges that hold back innovation within the mortgage industry. The first is communication across the vertical. The difficulty a broker has getting hold of a lender, or realtor and the time it takes for emails to be responded to.

The second is the existence of the big tech players, whose products have been at the top of the tree for some time, but haven’t innovated as fast as they might in other industries.

That’s where Morty comes in. Built with the user always in mind, the company operates through the lens of transparency:

“There are a couple of  core values that we’ve really stuck to, which is transparency. So be really clear about what you’re offering the customer and what you’re asking of them. And then the other one is strong technology that is going to support that transparency.”

And unlike traditional off-line brokers, the only incentive for Morty is that customers get the best deal and have the best experience they can of getting those deals. It’s why so many of Morty’s customers are first-time buyers, looking for the right loan but the right kind of service too.

The Future of the Mortgage Industry

For Nora the future of Fintech starts with a great education and her vision is that computer sciences are incorporated into the school curriculum, with an emphasis on encouraging girls into the sector.

As a founder there are parts of her own business she’d love to dig deeper into but looking out more widely, Nora sees opportunities in providing small business loans to entrepreneurs, and in particular women entrepreneurs in Fintech.

And as for Morty, Nora has this to say:

“The next year, 18 months for Morty is going to be really exciting as we expand out our marketplace and are able to serve more customers and really be able to help build this broader real estate and Fintech ecosystem, which has been amazing to watch.”

Bringing equity, transparency, and technical innovation to the mortgage industry is going to be the benchmark all brokers will one day hope to attain.

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