13 May 2022 |

New Season Reveal: A New Journey for Creators

By Ben Bradbury

How do aspiring creators build, grow and monetize their podcast? Ask Ben Bradbury, the host of Subject Matter.

In this peek into the new season, Ben shines a light on how aspiring creators like you, can achieve their dreams of turning audio into a sustainable and profitable business.

He unpacks his own journey from new creator to digital nomad, and agency founder. And how he landed his latest role as Head of Audio at Workweek, an exciting media company focused exclusively on supporting and growing creators.

In this bonus episode Ben takes a look back at where Subject Matter has come from, why it’s taking a new, exciting direction, and how success in audio is something anyone can do with the right mindset.

He lays out the format of the upcoming shows, talking to all-star guests about how they’ve achieved success, and shorter, but highly actionable follow-up episodes.

You’ll also hear why being your true self is the very best way to start your creator journey.

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Twitter: twitter.com/benbradbury