02 May 2022 |

Revel: Meet The Chef Who Started an Electric Vehicle Revolution | Electric cars


From a cycling chef to CEO of a fleet of EVs, meet the founder changing the face of NYC transport.

When you plan on competing with the likes of Uber, you’d better bring your A-game. Revel is that extraordinary company, with a fleet of 100% electric vehicles, with their unique blue livery, and electric mopeds to hire by the hour, the company is also building the largest EV charging station in New York.

Joe gets into conversation with Frank Reig, the Co-founder and CEO of Revel. Frank lays out his ambition to spread the EV mission across the US, how he went about raising $126 million from Blackrock and Toyota and why Revel drivers are riding Teslas.

You’ll also hear how cars will become batteries on wheels, the Revel approach to rideshare employment, and how to build an infrastructure large enough to scale EV use across the country.

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