02 August 2022 |

Media Moves: Season 3 Trailer – Content to Commerce

By Adam Ryan

The media landscape is changing fast and content to commerce is the number one topic on the minds of media operators.

Ever since Penn Gaming bought a stake a Barstool, media companies have sat up and decided they want some skin in the game.

Media Moves understands the playbook inside out and every week listeners can expect to hear from high-quality guests for their ONE play to help businesses leverage the content to commerce dynamic.

Hosted by Adam Ryan, Co-Founder and CEO of Workweek, the show will delve deeper into topics like how content is helping companies like Morning Brew sell products, before getting inside the mind of world-class media operators and pulling out their highly practical takeaway.

Media Moves gives you the inside track on one of the hottest topics in media from the CEO of one of the only creator-centric media companies in the world.

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