25 February 2022 |

Media Moves: Season 1 Trailer

By Adam Ryan

The world of Media is moving faster and faster. When executives have more to process than ever before, how do you stay ahead of what’s coming around the corner?

I’m Adam Ryan, Co-Founder and CEO of Workweek. And as a media executive I know how hard it can be to keep up with our perpetually changing industry. That’s why I started Media Moves: To deliver the latest news, moves and predictions media executives need to know to stay at the top of our industry.

Our conversations have two parts. First we zoom in on how executives are executing their playbooks. Our guests are world-class at what they do coming from companies like 6AM City, Dirt, and The Plug, and I want to get into the weeds of how they deliver. We’ll get to know the media they’re consuming as well as the challenges they’re working through.

Second, we zoom out on where media is heading. What is going to look different in 5 years’ time? And what will stay the same? By knowing what trends are unfolding, you’ll be able to make stronger bets about your business’s future.

Media Moves gives you practical playbooks and thoughtful predictions on what lies just around the corner for our industry that you won’t want to miss.

New episodes starting February 28th, with new episodes every Tuesday after that. Make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.