11 April 2024 |

Marketing Story Time: The Greatest Movie You’ll NEVER See

By Daniel Murray

If you thought Oppenheimer was hard to get tickets to then you clearly haven’t tried to set your hands on tickets “100 Years.” And even if you do score tix to the elusive Robert Rodriguez/John Malkovich flick, chances 99.9% certain that you’ll be dead before the film premieres. 

That’s right. DEAD. 

Is the movie trying to kill you in some sick real-life “Saw” game? 

Well, good/news bad news, horror movie fans. The reason you won’t see the movie isn’t quite *that* exciting (sorry, but no long-haired girls climbing out of from well and into your TV screen are coming to get you after 10 days). You won’t see the coveted movie because its premiere date isn’t until 2115. Yep— 100 years from when it was first filmed.

Why? But also…. WHY?

Who’s behind this iconic campaign and more importantly, WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN??? 

Aidan Brannigan’s giving you the inside scoop on what’s either a marketing stroke of absolute madness or complete genius. TBD 100 years from now. 


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