07 May 2024 |

Luxury, Humor, and Influencers, the Loro Piana 9-Figure Playbook

By Daniel Murray

If he’s wearing boat shoes to a yacht party… à la poubelle. 

If he’s making marketing videos without a sense of humor… à la poubelle. 

Who is Gstaad Guy and how did he make the phrase “à la poubelle” Instagram-famous? 

Aidan unravels the tale behind Gstaad Guy and explains how roasting one rich friend turned this prototypical Gen Z influencer into an overnight success story. How did Gstaad Guy’s rich alter ego persona and sense of humor translate into partnership deals with Italy’s finest? 

Tune in now to learn how this former six-figure Apple employee left his job behind to become one of Instagram’s most influential luxury-brand marketers for brands like Loro Piana and Audemars Piguet, turning over organic profit like nothing before.

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