05 April 2022 |

Kenny Rose, Founder of FransShares | Franchise Broker | Franchise Owner

By The Wolf

Unlocking franchise ownership is the defining mission of Kenny Rose and Franshares. Find out how he’s helping potential franchise owners get in on the ground floor.

After discovering Fundrise, a fractional share trading platform for commercial real estate, Kenny knew he’d found a gap in the market for franchise ownership.

FranShares was born and in those early days, Kenny spent his time diligently building an audience he’d later market the FranShares offer to.

The Wolf and Kenny talk all things franchise and founders. From building a company from the ground up with $1.4million in investments to what it’s like having more than 23,000 on the waiting list ready to invest.

You’ll hear how FranShares is dramatically lowering the barrier to franchise ownership. Why owning a piece of a local business is a powerful virtuous circle and how, at scale, FranShares will enable franchises to be traded like stocks.

When you’re looking to get in on franchise ownership, you need a team on your side to smooth the path. FranShares makes it easy to build, manage and grow your portfolio from as little as $500. Find out more: franshares.com

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Twitter: InvestLocally

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