22 March 2022 |

Joe Johnson, Car Repair and Parts Franchisee | Cross Selling | Multi-Unit Franchisee

By The Wolf

How do you create a wildly successful multi-unit franchise? You create synergy. Joe Johnson knows a thing or two about that with his car repair and parts businesses.Check out Joe’s playbook.

You learn a thing or two after 23-years in the military and after retiring from the US Army in 2005, Joe has applied that knowledge to building his auto franchise empire. But what makes this portfolio unique is how his businesses interact.

The Wolf and Joe discuss how owning a Maaco auto-collision repair and paint shop, a Meineke auto-maintenance and repair shop AND a 1-800 Radiator franchise have created incredible synergy. Not only can he service just about any car problem, he can also supply parts to both businesses. Cross selling at its finest.

Joe shares why horizontal integration allows you greater control over your destiny, why owning the dirt gives you more value and options, and the importance of doing a deep dive on potential franchise opportunities.

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