16 February 2022 |

How an FP is Filling In The Gaps


Jacqueline Schadeck has seen financial hardship up close and personal. Now she is leveraging digital tools to make sure others don’t slip through the cracks.

Jacqueline has witnessed first hand the effects bad financial advice had on her family, who wound up losing everything. With only 4% of financial planning professionals from Black and Latinx heritage, and women accounting for just 15-20%, profound gender and racial gaps make it hard to find tailor-made advice.

Jacqueline is pioneering change with her Digital Advisor Success Accelerator. This mentoring program empowers women and people of color to thrive in the financial planning space, using social media and digital tools to grow her financial planning business in the fintech space.

She shares how her experiences define her goals and values, and what it’s like helping clients achieve financial success.

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