03 May 2022 |

Is This The Most Successful Franchise Owner You’ll Ever Meet?

By The Wolf

Meet Jamie Weeks, owner of more than 100 Orangetheory franchises and about to launch his own brand. The secret to his success? Risk taking.

Jamie is a big personality and a phenomenal success. With 140 Orangetheory boutique fitness studios in his portfolio, and in the process of building 60 Dogtopia franchises, he’s also launching his own, Sweathouz.

The Wolf and Jamie talk about building an incredible culture despite having hundreds of businesses, how a private equity deal launched him from 12 to 140 locations, and why taking risks is at the heart of his approach to building a vastly successful business.

As well as hearing the wisdom behind owning multi-unit franchises, there’ll be a lot of laughs and you’ll get to listen to Jamie putting The Wolf through his patented interview process.

This is one you won’t want to miss.

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LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jamie-weeks-712543221

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