21 December 2022 |

Humans of Fintech – Season 4 Trailer


The world of fintech is dominated by the same old voices, drowning out diverse founders and operators. Step forward Humans of Fintech. The podcast elevating the stories of diverse leaders at the forefront of change in our industry.

Hosted by me, Nicole Casperson, journalist and founder of the Fintech Is Femme. This show shines a spotlight on those underrepresented fintech founders, zoning in on how they’re leading their companies and creating change.

You’ll hear how leaders like Kristy Kim of TomoCredit, Founder of eToro Yoni Assia, and women in fintech icon Michelle Tran are bringing equity and an alternative version of finance to the world, powering new ways of bringing equality across the globe.

In every interview, my guest will share how they got into the fintech space, the challenges they’re working to solve and what drives them. You’ll hear how they found connection in the industry, and how they’re moving the dial when it comes to re-shaping fintech for the better.

If you’re desperate to hear fresh perspectives and different voices, Humans of Fintech is the podcast putting humanity back into the industry.

With new episodes dropping every Wednesday. Make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

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