02 April 2024 |

How to Hype Up Your Internal Marketing Efforts (Solo Edition)

By Daniel Murray

Marketing isn’t just for customers. 

Find out the best ways to hype up your company from within. 

In this solo pod, I’m giving my unfiltered thoughts on how to use internal marketing to amp up your external marketing efforts. Find out how to sell the best ideas within your organization, take new marketing initiatives to the next level, and communicate in a consistent way that will further your brand’s mission. 

Plus, don’t forget to share your ideas for the podcast with me on LinkedIn! Have questions that you want answered? Or perhaps you have an idea of the types of guests you’d like to see more of? Drop me a DM!

00:00:01 – Hype Up Internal Marketing Efforts

00:01:30 – How Marketing Leaders Sell Ideas

00:09:36 – Engage with Podcast Hosts Directly

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