02 May 2023 |

How to Develop a Content Strategy with Devin Reed (Content Legends Virtual Series)

By Daniel Murray

Devin’s secret to great content? Start by listening. This is the content strategy episode you’re going to want to tune in to.

As Head of Content at Clari, Devin is bringing his A-game to content planning. He’s also advisor and writer at The Reeder newsletter, reaching 6k+ creators every week.

Daniel and Devin get into strategizing for success at a new company, creating content that supports the CEO’s goals, and why you should make audience building a key KPI for your marketing.

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0:00 Intro

05:19 Balance Planning With Action

10:23 Mind Share Before Market Share

14:36 Planning Starts With The CEO

17:25 Funnels VS Buckets

18:41 Spheres of Influence

22:46 Not Settling

29:08 Life’s Too Short

37:58 When Media Companies Aren’t Media Companies

47:07 The Wrong Expectation