20 March 2024 |

How to Build a $300 Million SaaS Company, with Craig Fuller, CEO of FreightWaves

By Adam Ryan

Discover the fascinating story behind FreightWaves and its founder, Craig Fuller, who scaled the niche media company into one of the most authoritative voices in the supply chain industry.

Craig shares insights into the challenges of running a founder-driven business and the importance of building relationships with direct revenue. What was the process of venture funding like for Freighwaves, and how does he think about go-to-market strategy, valuation, and investor exits? Craig also discusses the unique content-supported X model and the value of an engaged media audience with purchasing power. 

Learn about the company’s growth strategies, including acquisitions and the split between its media and SaaS businesses. 

Don’t miss out on Craig’s thoughts on the future of the media ecosystem and the power of content in the coming decade.


00:03:16 – Splitting Media Business to Maximize Valuation

00:08:23 – Using Negative CACs for Product Success

00:09:31 – Separating Data and Media Businesses

00:12:37 – Founders’ Reluctance to Sell Businesses

00:14:39 – Leveraging Content to Boost Sales

00:16:06 – Creating Editorial Authenticity in Media

00:21:21 – Print Publication: A Hidden Gem

00:26:34 – Founder Concerns on Print Publications

00:35:16 – Managing Weekly Executive Reports Efficiently

00:36:23 – Firecrown Acquires Marine Aviation Supply

00:37:31 – Managing Teams: An Entrepreneur’s Challenge


Learn More About Freightwaves: 

Website: https://www.freightwaves.com


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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/incab/


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