27 March 2024 |

How 6AM City Became the Nation’s Fastest-Growing Newsletter-First Local Media Company

By Adam Ryan

How does the co-founder of the nation’s fastest-growing newsletter-first media company think about scaling, investing, and running a local media company? 

Adam sits down with Ryan Heafy, the CEO of 6AM City, to discuss the ins and outs of local media and the challenges and opportunities it presents. Ryan shares how his passion for the local economic development of communities led him to create 6AM City and how the community-led newsletter managed to capture a sustainable local revenue source in the process. 

What are his top strategies for increasing LTV? How does Ryan think about advertising? And what’s the true importance of geolocation when selling? Tune in to learn how 6AM City is revolutionizing the local media landscape and what the future holds for the industry.


00:00:28 – Capitalizing on Local Pride Through Newsletters

00:04:14 – Expanding Into New Cities

00:06:42 – How Locals Sell Their City

00:08:30 – Staffing Sales Teams for Regional Growth

00:11:19 – Deciding When to Divest from a City

00:14:26 – Rapid Expansion Teaches Valuable Lessons

00:16:56 – Strategic Partnership with Tegna Announced

00:22:57 – Success Secrets

00:26:46 – Exciting Media Changes in Next 5 Years


Learn More About 6am City: 

Website: https://6amcity.com


Follow Ryan: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanheafy/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ryanheafy


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