10 March 2022 |

Five for Five: 5 Lessons From Season 5 of Subject Matter

By Ben Bradbury

It’s a wrap! Season 5 is done and dusted, leaving behind a treasure chest of wisdom collected from Ben’s stellar guest line-up. Take a listen to the season highlights in this best of episode.

Founders, CEOs, former General Counsel and mavericks – all speaking from experience and offering their unique insights on growing and succeeding for young professionals in a competitive space.

Not just succeeding but succeeding with integrity and while keeping yourself mentally and physically at the top of your game. Learn how to develop the right kind of empathy, how to really listen and why one word can unlock your potential.

You’ll hear guest wisdom intertwined with some of Ben’s personal founder journey in this season finale of Subject Matter.

Guest highlights include: Rob Volpe, Rich Keller, David Wachs, Brian Roland, Rob Chesnut, Marc Champagne and Eleanor Haglund

You can find Astutely’s actionable feedback guide, mentioned in this episode, on this podcast.