19 April 2022 |

Ep8: How to Successfully Bootstrap a Media Business With Jason Yanowitz, Blockworks

By Adam Ryan

Boostrapping a media business is hard. Being the de facto leader in your category of coverage while being bootstrapped? Near impossible.

But for Jason Yanowtiz, Co-Founder and CEO of Blockworks, impossible was never on the agenda.

Adam and Jason discuss how to grow a financial media brand from an idea into a business, doubling year on year. They’ll zoom in on why Blockworks throws the kinds of events 10,000 people want to attend, and they’ll zoom out to Jason’s predictions on how Web3 will impact the media landscape going forward.

You’ll hear how Blockworks delivers news and insights on digital assets to millions of investors, why their analysis is world class, and how they’re helping investors make smarter decisions through podcasts, newsletters and digital content.

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