03 May 2022 |

EP8 Cody Plofker on Building a Beauty Brand | Growth Marketing | Jones Road Beauty

By Creator Staff

Cody Plofker is the marketing genius behind Jones Road Beauty, founded by cosmetics giant, Bobbi Brown. He knows exactly what it takes to build a brand and he’s got 3 playbooks for you.

When you’re the son of beauty empire founder Bobbi Brown, you’re already under pressure, but Cody Plokfer is a marketer at the top of his game. Tasked with growing a new, clean makeup brand, Jones Road Beauty, Cody isn’t afraid to jump on trends and experiment.

Alex and Cody race through 30-minutes of the most relevant and actionable insights you’ll find anywhere. Hear how Jones Road Beauty is leveraging TikTok, what works (and doesn’t) for business accounts, and how zero party data is the trick you need to raise your conversion rate.

You’ll also hear how Cody works Facebook and why creative must always come first.

These 3 highly actionable playbooks will transform your view of social media content and all inside 30 minutes. Grab a coffee and a pen.

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