26 April 2022 |

EP7: What Noah Kagan Knows About Growth Marketing | AppSumo

By Creator Staff

He’s the CEO of AppSumo and Founder of OKDork. He’s also a genuinely funny guy. Noah Kagan gives show host Alex a 1:1 in growth marketing. You won’t want to miss this.

Hold on to your seat, this interview is done at a pace. When Noah finds something awesome, he just wants to tell the world about it, and that forms the essence of his growth marketing strategy.

Is it as simple as that? Noah makes it sound easy but in this 30-minute run through you’ll get some highly practical playbooks on how to grow your followers from 0-1,000, a 7-step marketing strategy AND hear how Noah advises Alex to grow his newsletter subs.

Alex and Noah discuss test and invest strategies, why not enough people kill failing ideas, and how content upgrades can make a serious impact on your SEO.

These highly actionable playbooks will transform your view of growth marketing and all inside 30 minutes. With plenty of aha moments, you’ll be hitting pause and grabbing a pen. Guaranteed.

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Follow Noah:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/noahkagan

Twitter: twitter.com/noahkagan

YouTube youtube.com/user/crxnamja

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