05 April 2022 |

EP6: How to Create Effective Media Marketing With Bennett Richardson, Protocol

By Adam Ryan

Bennett Richardson takes a unique approach to media marketing. Discover how his fascinating background is helping set Protocol’s agenda for success.

Through his roles as Founder and CMO of dating app Hinge to Executive Director at Politico, there’s a thread that runs through Bennett’s media playbook: Relationship. Having spent time “on the other side of the desk” in marketing and sales, Bennett believes media organizations work best when they work collaboratively.

He also believes you should always write for the smartest people in your contact book, a belief shared by our sponsor Sailthru. Their platform is designed to build relationships with an audience who move the needle for your business, instead of scaling for the sake of scale. Find out more here: https://www.sailthru.com/

Adam dives into how Bennett is carving out Protocol’s unique value proposition as a comprehensive insider publication for tech executives, offering fact-based news and analysis. They discuss why storytelling is crucial to brand building and why partnerships are in the DNA of every media company.

You’ll hear more about how Protocol is selling to smart marketers, who Bennett admires in the space and his predictions on the impact of paid-for subscriptions.

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