29 March 2022 |

EP5: How to Grow an Online Community With Mario Gabriele, The Generalist

By Adam Ryan

How do you grow a huge online community, write a high signal 10,000-word essay every week, and keep up with the latest tech trends? Ask Mario Gabriele, he’s doing it all.

In the fast moving media landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Mario is an expert at creating community and has become an incredible thought leader through his company, The Generalist.

Adam dives into conversation with Mario on how he manages to do it all as a solo creator, how he’s reached more than 55,000 readers, and why good is not good enough when perfect’s on the table.

You’ll get into the weeds of how paygating impacts revenue, Mario’s predictions on why the future of the media is tied up with personality-led brands, and how venture capitalists will tack onto media brands more aggressively.

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