29 March 2022 |

EP3: Pat Walls, Founder at Starter Story | Lean SEO | Growth Marketing

By Creator Staff

What do you know about SEO? Forget it. In this 30 minute run through, Pat Walls tears up the SEO playbook and writes 3 new ones. Fast, actionable and highly effective. Get on board.

The problem with organic search content is that it takes forever, right? Wrong. With Starter Story founder Pat Walls’ quick fire, experiment-heavy solution, you’ll find winning formulas and repeat them, getting content seen by exactly the right people.

Alex and Pat go take a rapid run-through of how Pat creates content that ranks, why you should treat SEO like a startup, and how to run tests effectively.

You’ll hear 3 highly actionable playbooks that will save you time, teach you how to dig into analytics, and show you Pat’s 3-step lean SEO process.

One guest, three playbooks and all inside 30 minutes.

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