22 March 2022 |

EP2: Nik Sharma, CEO of Sharma Brands | TikTok Playbook | Growth Marketing

By Creator Staff

Nik Sharma knows the power of TikTok and he knows it inside out. He’s here to get you started right away on harnessing its potential. That’s playbook one.

Alex and Nik, of Sharma Brands, go through a quick run through of Nik’s two other actionable playbooks with insights you’ll want to implement today, and all within 30 minutes.

You’ll hear how to convert visitors to customers with the red-carpet treatment, delivered through highly personalized landing pages and using push-pull marketing techniques.

Next, Nik talks through zero data and how to flesh out customer relationships with simple post-sales surveys. You’ll discover how this data can help shape future experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

Nik is at the top of his game as a brand advisor, operator and investor offering strategic growth marketing solutions to some of our favorite brands and creators.

One guest, three playbooks and all inside 30 minutes.

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LInkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mrniksharma

Twitter: @mrsharma

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