14 March 2022 |

EP1: Amanda Natividad, VP Marketing at SparkToro | Growth Marketing | Content Marketing

By Creator Staff

Meet Amanda Natividad, a powerhouse marketer and strategist at the top of her game. She’s got 3 actionable playbooks you’re going to want to get started on right away.

When you know where and what your audience is consuming you can leverage that data to get in front of them.

Alex and Amanda, VP of Marketing at SparkToro, take you on a rapid run through of the three top hitting playbooks she uses to create better content and how to find the hidden gems you need to reach a more targeted audience.

You’ll hear how to get started on permissionless co-marketing, aligning yourself with other brands and creating opportunities for further collaboration down the line.

Amanda also talks you through niche marketing and how to create bespoke content on niche media, using SparkToro.

Finally she gets into the weeds of how to use Influence Maps as a way of spotting trends and then adapting your own messaging to influence behavior, alongside the more traditional concept of funnel marketing.

One guest, three playbooks and all inside 30 minutes.

Follow Amanda:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/amandanat

Twitter: twitter.com/amandanat

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