14 April 2022 |

How to Save The World And Disrupt Tradition


How do you generate wealth and save the world? By disrupting traditional investment models. Meet Physis, empowering investors to make a positive impact.

This is the fifth of the Keep Cool Show’s mini-series, offering six startup founders the chance to pitch their climate tech business. Nick and investor co-host Dan Lichtenberg figure out what drives Stefania Di Bartolomew and what sets Physis apart from others in the space, tackling climate change.

Data is the key to understanding how investments impact the world. With millions of data points to choose from, Physis aggregates the most pertinent and shares them with investors to help them track and measure how their investments are performing for the good of the environment. And all through one platform.

With a mission to help investors build sustainable portfolios, Physis believes the future is data-driven. We’ll also hear Stefania’s thoughts on whether divestment or an activist investor approach is more impactful, and what regulatory tailwinds mean for the industry,

With over $40,000 in prizes for their business, there’s a lot at stake. Listen to our final founder’s pitch on next week’s episode.

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