12 April 2022 |

Ep44: Grain: How an App Blew Zoom Wide Open



  1. So Grain is a Whatnow: 0:37
  2. Friday Feeding Frenzy: 3:29
  3. Three Systems, One Moat: 5:06
  4. Bottom Up: 9:53
  5. Starter Vision: 13:11
  6. Unique Value Props: 16:40
  7. Focus, Focus, Focus: 18:19
  8. Build, Trash, Build Again: 18:46
  9. Building For Specificity, Not Generality: 19:42
  10. Grain of The Future: 21:00

Zoom! Grain is building a way to record, search, and edit your Zoom meetings.

But what started as a transcription service and a video editor has evolved into a new kind of database – a searchable record of all the conversations that happen inside a company. Today Grain is about connecting ideas across teams and divisions that you may never have even known existed.

Joe talks to Mike about how Zoom evolved into a platform for new startups, how Grain found their killer app with a Google doc, and his vision to build a Reddit-like experience for ideas inside companies.

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