09 March 2022 |

Ep37: Pietra: From Content to Product Through Cloud Tech


How Pietra is Creating The Next Best Seller


  1. Unique creators, unique products: 2:57
  2. How to create your own bestselling range: 5:23
  3. Meet the suppliers working with Kim Kardashian: 10:51
  4. Why production lines are ripe for disruption: 13:13
  5. Solving messy problems: 17:30
  6. Pull the data, create the brand: 20:50
  7. Why authenticity is your best marketing strategy: 25:55
  8. How Uber provided the best playbook: 28:37
  9. Why Pietra is leveraging existing eCommerce 37:55
  10. Pietra in 2025: 42:54

“Pietra’s mission very simply is to enable a future where a single creator can launch the next best selling product line.” – Ronak Trivedi, CEO and Co-Founder of Pietra.

The mission might be simple but the tools and strategies behind Pietra’s business model are incredible.

Ronak Trivedi is a CEO fully immersed in the creator economy. Through Pietra he and Co-Founder Jaden Levitt are building tools that allow creators from any industry to build out their product line and scale fast. Whether that’s a lingerie line by Cardi B or tequila from George Clooney, if you have the audience and the vision, Pietra can equip you with the means.

And here’s how it happens:

As an end-to-end platform, Pietra effectively aggregates suppliers for the DTC market. When a health influencer, for example, approaches the company with an idea for sports wear, the team gets to work behind the scenes. For the creator, the process is as easy as logging in and going through a step-by-step process.

From the physical production of a product to setting up shipping, and creating a website, the logical, process-driven seller journey is completely accessible.

“And the platform automates all that. We talked to the manufacturer, we put out the shipping labels. They get shipped to a facility that we know about and all of a sudden we get to remove this kind of middle messy layer. If you’re an influencer or a beauty blogger, you want to be spending your time making content promoting your products.”

Pietra As A Concept

You can trace much of Pietra’s success back to its founder’s experience at Uber. Ronak has nothing but praise for the company and the lessons it taught him, particularly in the area of problem solving.

Taking a messy, human problem and breaking down the components of that problem is the first step towards finding a solution.

By leveraging technology, adapting human processes or a mix of both, the problem becomes manageable and, over time, ceases to be a problem at all.

Document your solution and you create a playbook that can be recalled and reused time and time again on a global scale. That’s a business model you’re going to want to keep.

Why The Passion Economy Is Where The Smart Money Is

Whether it’s a side hustle or the first step along the path to a mult-million dollar business, creators are at the forefront of next generation, direct to consumer brands.

But creators need to focus on what they do best through their platforms. They want reliable manufacturing and shipping without having to fly halfway across the world to check out a storage facility or fulfillment center. 

By making it easy for creators to do what they do best, Pietra is making it easy for other businesses to interact with those creators through the platform. Reducing risk on both sides and providing a neat middle layer to the process.

And it’s a concept Venture Capitalists have taken to. Led by Founders Fund Keith Rabois, Pietra raised a $15 million series A with additional input from Andreessen Horowitz, TQ Ventures and Abstract Ventures.

It’s allowed their core team to grow and for the startup to develop the Pietra Fellowship, an initiative championing creators of color to launch a business with the ongoing support of a mentor.

Pietra Into The Future

Ronak believes Pietra’s future should be viewed through the lens of technology. Fulfilling all the needs of a business, from automated restocking of products to working through production timescales – a digital first brand platform is the goal.

All the “messy layers” resolved and a seamless relationship between creator, product fulfillment and customer in full swing.