04 March 2022 |

Ep35: Cogsy: No More Excel Spreadsheets!


Spreadsheets! Changing founder behavior is at the heart of Adii Pienaar’s mission to improve business models across the globe. Find out how Cogsy is taking on Excel.

Business marketing has gone through 3 phases. First, building the infrastructure and platforms to trade online, then focusing attention on email marketing, connecting to audiences, now it’s all about back office features – making sure operations are fully optimized.

Joe and Adii discuss the difficulties fast scaling brands face when it comes to creating consistent cash flow, how Cogsy is helping eCommerce founders save money and time with smart automation and purchase order flow and why a spreadsheet on steroids is still a spreadsheet.

As a Co-Founder of Woo Commerce, Adii has decades of experience. He’s obsessed with reimaging tools, like spreadsheets, and pushing scaling startups towards success.

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