02 March 2022 |

Ep34: Hadrian: The Race to Monetize Space


Grab a seat on the front row of the race to monetize space. Chris Power and Delian Asparouhov are creating innovative solutions to the problem of space tech manufacturing.

Manufacturing is a broken system, with long lead times, fluctuating prices and technology that hasn’t kept up. For space tech manufacturing this problem is even more intense, with many systems left over from the first space race in the Sixties,

Joe talks to Chris and Delian about how Hadrian is creating its own manufacturing vertical from scratch, why a user-dashboard is not a great bandaid over an existing problem, and why building trust with customers is top of the list.

You’ll hear Chris talk about why they’ll be a base on the moon within the next decade and why the tech supply chain needs to turn on a dime to meet customer needs.

Chris and Delian also discuss how they’re building a factory from the ground up, and how Delian raised $9.5million in VC investment.

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