28 February 2022 |

Ep33: Formic: How to Hire a Robot Workforce


Robotics ! VC-backed Formic is turning automation on its head by offering companies the chance to hire robots by the hour. Find out how Saman is changing the game.

There’s no doubt robots are amazing, they can revolutionize a workspace and take a company to the next level. They’re also wildly expensive to implement and can take far too long to optimize according to a business’ individual needs.

Except Formic doesn’t see it that way. Joe talks to Saman about how Formic is democratizing automation based on the principle that this service isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Saman explains how Formic is able to offer robots to factories, paid for by the hour and that integrate quickly into the role they’re assigned – all science, no friction.

Joe unpacks how Formic is tackling bottlenecks in automation by transforming an expensive, front-loaded fixed cost into an affordable monthly subscription, drawing parallels between Amazon Web Service for servers and Culture Bio for bacteria culturing.

Formic is a venture capital backed startup that attracted $26m Series A funding from Lux Capital and hasn’t looked back.

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