25 February 2022 |

Ep32: Irreverent Labs: How to Weaponize a Chicken


Robo chickens! If you’re looking for the future of gaming, you’ve found it. Rahul Sood and Irreverent Labs are combining art and entertainment with NFT tech and it’s wild.

It’s 2140, an alien race has visited Earth and left behind thousands of eggs that hatch robotic chickens. These chickens fight, learn, and fight some more.They are beautifully designed and rendered by some of the most talented digital artists in the world. They’re also looking for an owner.

Joe talks to Rahul about Irreverent Labs current game in development, Mecha Fight Club. Rahul shares why his “dumb idea for a game” made his co-founder walk out of his job developing defense technology at Microsoft to join him. And why companies like Apple need to get on board with crypto, or risk being left behind.

You’ll hear Rahul’s vision for the industry and how music, entertainment, arts and culture will converge, using gaming as a Trojan horse. Plus how he and Co-Founder David, raised $5 million from VCs by going all-in.

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