23 February 2022 |

Ep31: Clay: How to Solve The Problem of Fragmentation


Fragmentation! Zachary Ahmed & Matthew Achariam are changing the way we manage relationships with the important people in our lives. Find out how Clay is solving the problem of fragmentation.

At its core Co-Founders Zach and Matt are product designers, obsessed with creating beautiful, bespoke solutions. Backed by $8m in seed funding led by Forerunner Ventures and General Catalyst, Clay unifies contact information across Twitter, LinkedIn, email, calendars,and iMessage creating a singular profile for every person in your life.

Like a personal CRM, Clay tells you when you last interacted with a contact and on which platform, taking the heavy lift out of relationship management.

Joe talks to Matt and Zach about why the smallest details matter in design and his experience of pitching for funding in a highly competitive space.

You’ll hear Matt and Zach’s ambitious plans for scaling the platform and why people will always be at the heart of what they do.

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