21 February 2022 |

Ep30: Fan Controlled Football: Football Reimagined


Football! Passive football watching is done. And Sohrob Farudi, Co-Founder and CEO of FCF is bringing the game to fans in a wholly immersive new way over on Twitch. Find out how.

Game day has changed. FCF is pro-football reimagined in digital. You watch real games, played in a high-tech studio arena, but the difference? You call the plays in real time and you draft the players.

Joe and Sohrob discuss why fanatical fandom communities are demanding more from the sport and how FCF is bringing its A-game, embracing everything crypto and sports do well.

You’ll hear how Sohrob raised a $40m Series A round, led by crypto venture capital investors, and why NFL players are jumping on board the new league.

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