14 February 2022 |

Ep27: Casai: The Coolest Startup You Never Heard Of


Arbitrage! Casai is the coolest LatAm startup in play right now. Set to replace Airbnb in emerging markets, this is a company with multi-million dollar firepower. Find out why.

When you’ve stayed in one too many Airbnbs without WiFi, you know it’s time to change the game. For Nico and his Co-Founder, Maricarmen Herrerías, not being able to connect online when traveling for work was that moment.

Joe and Nico talk about the needs of the digital nomad generation and why, if you don’t know the neighborhood, a $9-$18 a night apartment in Mexico City might not be such a bargain after all.

You’ll hear how Casai is solving this problem by curating beautiful apartments that merge the design and comforts of a boutique hotel with the technology of a San Francisco home, and the local ambiance of a vacation rental.

And why venture capital firm, a16z, are backing this startup with a $48m fund.

Discover why charging US rates and incurring local costs is a win-win-win business model for customers, building owners and Casai.

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