09 February 2022 |

Ep25: Levels: What Your Blood Says About You


Blood! Sam Corcos, Co-Founder of Levels, knows when you join the dots between what you eat and how you feel, you’re going to learn how to bring your A-game.

Having racked up more than 50,000 subscriptions for this blood glucose monitoring tech PRE LAUNCH and raising $12 million from a killer set of angels, Sam has a simple but powerful playbook of creating connections.

On this episode he shares why NBA players, celebrities and retired CEOs are queuing up for his product. You’ll hear why he sends out a super tactical list of asks every week to his network, and how almost 100% of them convert.

Levels is a closed loop system bringing glucose monitoring to all. It’s a painless patch that attaches to your arm, providing real time blood glucose data to the software on your phone. Pro athletes can make detailed analysis of how they’re fueling while the rest of us can see how what and when we eat affects our overall mood and performance.

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