24 March 2022 |

Ep 2. John Ridd, CEO & Founder of Greenpixie


What are digital carbon emissions and how big a problem are they becoming? Greenpixie has the answers and is seizing the green initiative with both hands.

Nick and Lily Bernicker, principal at Wireframe Ventures, interview CEO & Founder, John Ridd, from Greenpixie, the company focused on reducing digital carbon emissions with cutting edge, climate tech. You’ll hear how they’re turning this challenge into an opportunity and why these types of emissions are among one of the more solvable problems in the environmental space.

You’ll also hear John’s view on the value of bootstrapping your business before moving towards the funding phase, plus how Greenpixie plans to roll out their MVP.

This is the second in the Keep Cool Show’s mini-series, offering six startup founders the chance to pitch their climate tech business. Nick and an investor co-host will figure out what drives them, what they’re doing to tackle climate change, and what sets their business apart from others in the space.

With over $40,000 in prizes for their business, there’s a lot at stake. Listen to our third founder’s pitch on next week’s episode.

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