19 January 2022 |

Ep16: Oso: Dive Into Dev Tool Tech


Dev Tools! On this episode of Just Raised, Joe Sweeny interviews Graham Neray, CEO and Founder of Oso. Oso is building dev tools to solve a particularly hard problem – Authorization. They’ve raised $10M from Sequoia Capital.

We dive into the Open Source sector, dev tools and how they work, and leadership – Graham worked with some of the best software executives in the world at MongoDB prior to starting Oso.

Orbital transfer vehicles, nicknamed space tugs, attach to satellites and ferry them to new orbits. Think tow trucks or tug boats, but in space. Atomos is building the first of these vehicles to ever be deployed.

Joe is also joined by guest co-host Chris Behrens. Chris is a Principal at SYN Ventures investing in cybersecurity out of New York.

You can follow Graham on Twitter @grahamneray and Chris at @crispaarons

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