31 August 2021 |

Eddy Badrina: The Single Best Use of a CEO’s Time is Clear, Simple, Concise Communication

By Ben Bradbury

Eddy Badrina is the CEO of Eden Green Technology, a company using vertical farming technology to change the way we farm our produce, and feed our communities. He is a board member at Seed Effect, a micro-lending non-profit focused on fostering economicstability in the South Sudan and Uganda. Before shifting his primary focus to human service and food security, Eddy was an entrepreneur. He co-founded BuzzShift and served as their president for over 11 years. In this episode Eddy shares his experience on creating a redemptive company and what that means, why economic sustainability is as important as environmental concerns and why communication is essential for integrating the outside of your company with the inside. Listen to more Subject Matter podcasts at https://bit.ly/3I6GbBf