01 May 2024 |

Crypto Boss Jarrod Dicker on the Future of Subscription-Based Media

By Adam Ryan

NFTs, blockchain, and web3, oh my!

If money never sleeps—then crypto has so much caffeine coursing through its veins, that it literally couldn’t sleep even if it tried. But you still have to.

So as a media company, how can you keep up with the rollercoaster ride that is crypto?

Meet the King of Crypto, Jarrod Dicker, lead partner and creator of TCG Crypto and former CEO of The Washington Post. Jarrod chats with Adam about the unique challenges of the crypto market and explains why it’s revolutionizing the way consumers are spending money on content.

How are newer, more innovative subscription models paving the way for exciting changes in the news media industry? Adam and Jarrod discuss how the intersection of journalism and crypto is creating radically different ways of digital content consumption—and what this means for content-first companies. 

Tune in now, sleep soundly later.

00:00:00 – Life’s Pivotal Moments in Blogging

00:00:47 – Unique Journey from Journalism to Crypto

00:11:04 – Navigating the Swings of Crypto

00:14:43 – Reimagining Subscription Models with Crypto

00:16:40 – Innovating Subscription Models for Creators

00:21:17 – Navigating the Crypto Landscape for Consumers

00:25:22 – Crypto’s Rise as Core Focus

00:29:06 – Scaling Struggles in the Crypto Industry

00:31:05 – Future of AI and Crypto

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