07 July 2023 |

Creating a Celebrity Cult Following, with Sharma Brands’ Director of Growth Ari Murray

By Daniel Murray

Call us biased, but this might just be our favorite episode of Marketing Millenials ever. And it’s not just because this one’s with Daniel’s wife, Ari Murray.

It’s because Ari’s a growth marketing mastermind for Sharma Brands, who’s helped manage e-commerce for celebrity brands like Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh and Halsey’s Aboutface Beauty. And she’s got a lot of great advice about how to run a successful D2C e-commerce brand.

Ari talks about the ins and outs of performance marketing, why channel diversification is important, and how to leverage a legacy audience.

And you didn’t think she’d really leave without spilling the tea and how she and Daniel met, did you?

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