09 February 2022 |

When Clay Gardner Came For Wall Street


What happened when Clay Gardner decided it was time to democratize Wall Street? He changed the game and Titan was born.

Now the company he co-founded with Joe Percoco and Max Bernardy has been named one of the next billion-dollar startups by Forbes, and Clay is only just getting started.

Titan is the mobile app making investment accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. Bringing on board the next generation of investors, the app is breaking down the barriers of elitism surrounding Wall Street and heading into the next wave of growth with crypto offerings and alternative investments.

And this fintech startup’s wild success and culture of inclusion made sure they got recognized by Crunchbase as one of the Top 30 Companies Founded by Black and Latinx Entrepreneurs That Raised The Most Funding in 2021.

Clay shares his experiences as a hedge fund investor, his ambitious plans for the future and what it’s like breaking barriers in the fintech investment space.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/virtualclay


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