18 January 2022 |

Brian Roland, Founder of Abenity: Why Great Employees Always Prioritize Their Needs

By Ben Bradbury

When you put your personal life above your professional life, you become a great employee.

To get the best from teams, leaders should hand over the reins and allow them to manage their own workloads. With so many teams working remotely, focusing on output and not the clock is the smart way to get the best from your reports.

Brian Roland is our guest and talks to Ben about why leaders should trust teams to make decisions on their work/home life balance. He discusses the power of having employees whose ethics align with the company they work for, and how to be a business that actively gives away its profits.

Listen now and get practical insights into unleashing your leadership potential and why you should always put your needs above the company.

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00:00 – Introduction

03:09 – Abenity’s social mission

04:30 – Brian’s first steps to create Abenity’s social mission

08:26 – The benefits of having a social mission

14:26 – Working for Full-Profit Enterprises Vs. Working for Non-profit Enterprises

18:05 – The requirements to build a remote-working team

21:04 – The importance of prioritizing personal life over work life

25:03 – Managing social needs in a remote-working team

27:44 – Brian’s D-I-S-C evaluation system for remote workers

32:46 – The problem of using emails for internal communications

38:39 – Closing remarks