13 April 2022 |

Why Facet Wealth is Everything Fintech Should Be



  1. A Role Model With a Big Picture: 6:04
  2. Change Mentality And Equity: 8:06
  3. The A-ha Moment: 9:13
  4. How to Solve Very Human Problems: 10:51
  5. Dynamic Financial Planning: 18:18
  6. The Four Pillars You Need: 20:47
  7. Asking The Only Questions That Matter: 29:56
  8. If You’re Not Consumer-centric, You’re Toast: 33:26
  9. Anders’ Cool Stat: 37:50
  10. The Mission Continues: 41:13

How Facet Wealth is Democratizing Financial Advice

“And so we just see a different version of financial planning, which is, you know, we want to be integrated into every aspect of your life.” Anders Jones, CEO and Co-Founder of Facet Wealth

When your mission becomes your work, businesses like Facet Wealth are born. Anders Jones is democratizing wealth management, one subscription at a time.

And for Anders, the mission is personal.

“The aha moment was really the failure of the DOL fiduciary role in 2015. And, you know, if you remember that a nuanced version of that rule was financial advisors would be legally obligated to act in the best interest of their clients. And the rule didn’t pass in large part because the pushback from the industry was so strong.”

Growing up, Anders Jones knew his mother’s proudest career moment was helping millions of Americans successfully plan for their retirement. When an industry which should be helping people, just like Anders’ mom, failed so spectacularly, Anders knew it was time to take on the “family business” and start offering impartial, affordable financial advice to all.

Fintech Answers to a Human Problem

Facet Wealth embodies everything fintech should be. This platform provides highly personalized and unbiased financial advice at an affordable subscription price. In a world where financial planning often comes with a hefty price tag.

What makes this company truly remarkable is, despite capitalizing on a smart Fintech infrastructure, Facet Wealth prioritizes the human side of its relationships with customers. Primarily through recognizing that a person’s financial situation is not only unique, it’s also constantly evolving.

Finance For The Next Gen

In previous generations a company’s legacy was reliant on its longevity in the business. If your name had been on the scene for a long while, there was an innate sense of trust.

But times, and generations, have changed. A long-standing name is no longer enough. The current generations want to know more. Does your mission align with their personal values? Do you follow ethical investment practices?

Anders Jones recognizes that putting clients at the heart of his company’s growth plans is the key to driving it forward, not relying on old legacies.

“If you’re not consumer centric you’re toast”.

Mission Not Complete

A great launch, quadrupling client numbers and pulling in the kind of backing, many can only dream about – Facet Wealth is just getting started.

Seeing the potential still on the horizon, Anders and his team are laser focused on growth, with the customer firmly planted at the center.

Whether that’s evolving software, growing subscriptions or sourcing new talent (they are), the challenge is great, but the work is exciting.

And as founders know, when you’re laser-focused on growing your business it’s great to have the advice of a company like YieldStreet. Helping you make alternative investments in assets like art and real estate, usually only reserved for the very wealthy, building your portfolio and generating long-term wealth. Get started today.

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