29 June 2023 |

Always Do Your User Research— How to Use Buyer Personas Correctly, with Adrienne Barnes

By Daniel Murray

95% of companies use buyer personas, but over 77% of those companies never look at them again. But don’t let that fool you into believing they’re useless.

Adrienne Barnes, the founder of Best Buyer Persona, is here to unpack the value of user personas in this episode rewind. She’s delving into the reasons why most companies suck at using buyer personas correctly, how to get it right, and why talking to users and stakeholders is vital to your brand’s success.

She and Daniel also discuss the value of proprietary data and why too many marketers are worried about failing to actually start trying.

0:00 Intro/Background

3:50 User Research

8:00 Challenges to Research

10:00 Is User Research Useless?

15:01 A Hill to Die On

17:00 Words of Advice

24:00 Freelancing

28:39 Who Inspires You?

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