18 April 2022 |

BONUS: Faraway: Why Lone Wolves Never Win


Gamer owned universe! When players take ownership of their assets, innovation follows. Meet Faraway, home to 2 million players and counting.

Web 2 games studios are fine but gaming is changing. Take GTA, for example. Who knew it would end up getting streamed on Twitch and YouTube as a role play game, adding an extra level of entertainment value?

Joe gets into conversation with Alex and Dennis, Co-Founders of Faraway, a games studio and home to Mini Royale Nations. The difference between their shoot ‘em up and all the others out there? Player owned assets.

Alex and Dennis discuss why owning games assets, like land, gives players more of a stake in game development, why you’ll never win as a lone wolf, and what it’s like knowing 92k battles are taking place on your platform every single day.

You’ll also hear how the pair raised $21million from a who’s who of investors, how NFT plays a role, and Faraway’s ambition to own a portfolio full of games with a synergy between them all.

Mini Royale is a lot of fun. Check out the website and get playing within seconds: https://faraway.gg/

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