02 August 2022 |

98 – How Connor Saeli Scaled Waterboy And Became TikTok’s Premier Hydration Brand

By Daniel Murray

How does an ex-Bachelor contestant leverage his TV appearance and create brand loyalty? Connor Saeli believes TikTok has the answer. Find out why.

Waterboy is the hydration brand that promises to restore your equilibrium after a heavy night. It’s not only scaling super quick it’s building a loyal community along with it.

Daniel and Co-Founder Connnor, get into the specifics of what you should consider when creating TikTok content, why you should use influencers when you can, and how he’s scaling Waterboy at such a pace, with more than 90k followers.

You’ll also hear Connor’s hot take on why UGC is so impactful for building customer affinity.

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