03 March 2022 |

30 Minutes of Growth: Season 1 Trailer

By Creator Staff

Founders and growth marketers are busy. You want actionable information and you want it fast. When Alex Garcia started Marketing Examined, he wanted to send marketing newsletters that are hyper-focused on tactics. But he realized that became aware that while there are many marketing podcasts out there telling great stories, frustratingly few provide actionable growth marketing tactics.

And that’s where 30 Minutes of Growth comes in. On this show, time is a commodity. In 30 minutes or less you’ll get actionable growth marketing playbooks from other leading founders, marketers and operators that you can instantly apply.

Here’s how it works. Every episode the clock starts ticking, and you’ll hear how an expert executes their growth marketing, extracting the stuff you need to know. Alex shares his own insights and ends with an actionable summary. That happens not once, not twice, but three times each episode, giving you 3 actionable growth marketing playbooks you can instantly put into practice… before the clock runs out.

The countdown starts on March 14th, with new episodes every Tuesday. Make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.