04 July 2024 |

266: Steal This Product Positioning Framework, with Jen Gray

By Daniel Murray

In today’s social media market, brand knockoffs are a constant threat. So what can you do if it happens to you? And what’s the best way to differentiate your brand in an oversaturated market?

SVP of Marketing at Recharge, Jen Gray, hops on the pod to chat with me about how to create a unique brand story that sets you apart from your competitors and resonates with your target audience.

Jen reveals why understanding the rhythm and uniqueness of each company is the most crucial aspect of product positioning. Why create a category if you can own it? Jen breaks down the importance of owning the market and creating a product with a value prop unlike anything else in the market.

Plus, who should be your first marketing hire? Not that she’s biased or anything, but… Jen *definitely* has a few thoughts. 


00:00:02 – Discovering the Rhythm of Marketing

00:03:27 – Sustaining Brands in the Routine Economy

00:08:03 – Diversifying Products for Growth

00:11:28 – Creating a Category for Success

00:15:59 – Product Positioning Over Category Creation

00:28:50 – Leveraging Existing Arsenal for Subscriptions

00:30:46 – Crafting a Unique Brand Story

00:38:08 – Elevate Buyer to Drive Revenue

00:41:13 – Hire a Product Marketer First


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