18 June 2024 |

264 – B2B Growth Marketing Strategy and Tactics, with Liz Spektor (Head of Growth @ Apollo)

By Daniel Murray

What’s the secret to successful revenue generation?

Learn to create a foolproof marketing strategy with special guest Liz Spektor, Head of Growth at Apollo. Liz breaks down the best ways to build a product-led company, including how to create lists, connect with your audience and create captivating hooks for your short-form videos.

Why do sales and marketing need to align? And how can you find new ways to improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts? Don’t miss out on Liz’s top insights to take your revenue generation to the next level.

00:00:23 – Revenue Growth

00:02:09 – Apollo’s Growth Strategy

00:09:26 – Nail Down Your Messaging and Format

00:12:39 – Importance of Testing Channel Formats

00:15:28 – Creating Successful Short Form Videos

00:18:52 – Competing for the Same Audience

00:20:32 – For Narrow Audiences, Build Targeted Lists

00:22:56 – Integrating Sales for Revenue Success

00:31:43 – Budgeting Tip: Limit Paid Search

00:35:08 – Key Metrics for Campaign Success

00:40:38 – Importance of Demand Creation in Marketing

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